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Mamma Mia - Based on the songs of ABBA
A glorious evening of fun!
An irresistable enjoyable hit! Sheer heaven!
Infectious theatrical entertainment!
Infectious theatrical entertainment!

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Sunday, 1 October 2023

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Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! is one of the best feel-good musicals in town, loved by millions and a feast of smash hit ABBA tunes. It's written by the British playwright Catherine Johnson, who has cleverly woven ABBA's greatest hits into a quirky love story.

Abba's songs were composed by band members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, one of which is Mamma Mia itself, and everyone loves them. They're joyful, sophisticated, tuneful and compelling, providing brilliant backdrop for the plot. Super Trouper, Lay All Your Love on Me, Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Take a Chance on Me are just some of them - the list goes on. And on. So far more than 50 million people have seen and loved the show. Imagine that: 50 million people leaving theatres across the world, all feeling uplifted and renewed. That's quite something.

What's the story? The scene is the gorgeous Greek island of Kalokairi, where twenty year old Sophie is preparing to marry her fiancé, Sky. She wants her dad to accompany her down the aisle but there's a problem - she's not entirely sure who he is. When Sophie discovers her mum Donna's old diary, full of entries about romances with three different men, she secretly invites all three to the wedding in her mum's name. You're going to love it!

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Young Couples:

Mama Mia
This show is really worth going to see. Really enjoyed the excellent acting and cast.
Deborah, 03 Oct 2022
amazing atmosphere, great people, amazing voices !!!!
Lena Julie, 26 Sep 2022
Honestly the show was unreal and the actor playing donna smashed it
Lucy Fae, 25 Sep 2022
Fun show
Good music, good acting
Zipi, 12 Sep 2022
A bit boring first half, got better towards the end
The show was ok but… the place was warm and humid , with bad smell, toilets too small with massive ques .
Lubna, 08 Sep 2022
Amazing show
Amazing show. Must see one.
Rafal, 29 Aug 2022
Fantastic and great fun
I never had so much fun. The music is fantastic. We could sing and dance along for the finale.
Judith, 25 Aug 2022
Amazing Show
The seats we choose were excellent not too close just perfect. The whole show from start to finish was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. We could watch it all over again.
Teresa, 21 Aug 2022
Great Show
This show has evolved over the many years it has been playing. It retains a freshness and is a delight to watch. Excellent talented cast with lead players being exceptional. If you want to be uplifted in what are difficult economic times then this show with the timeless music of ABBA you s for you.
Tony, 21 Aug 2022
Must see!
leona, 20 Aug 2022
Michael, 15 Aug 2022
Fantastic fun dancing I even cried
It was amazing we took our three teenage daughters and everyone loved the songs. Singing dancing & acting was fantastic and it’s so suitable for all ages. Especially loved the dancing we could join in at the end. Made me so emotional ☺️
Angela, 13 Aug 2022
Pure pleasure
I cried, laughed, hummed, thoroughly enjoyed the show!
Deborah, 06 Aug 2022
Great Show
The show was well enjoyed by our family. Great fun, the singing was fantastic.
Adam, 05 Aug 2022
I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THIS SHOW! From the singing to the acting to the atmosphere- everything was perfect! Special shout out to the actress who played Donna (WOW - just amazing).
Catrin, 02 Aug 2022
Such a great a show!
We had a great time, what a performance! Well done to everyone involved! Everyone one of us, from 40 to 10 y/o, loved it!
Peter, 27 Jul 2022
A must see
The show was fantastic the actors were amazing and their singing voices was something else
Sarah, 23 Jul 2022
What a great night of singing and dancing.
Chris, 23 Jul 2022
We walked out with a song in our hearts a as nd big fat smiles on our faces
Liezl, 22 Jul 2022
Fantastic. Brings back memories
The show is for anyone from the age of 3 to 103 if you've never heard of abba you are an alien 👽
Hugh, 20 Jul 2022
Fast friendly and courteous staff at door no problem getting to our seats and the show was amazing, upbeat and funny, literally had ya dancing in our seats the whole show Loved it
Debbie, 17 Jul 2022
Nothing but joy
This show was one of my most enjoyable theatre trips ever. From start to finish the show was fun, lifted the spirits and provided great entertainment
Lisa, 15 Jul 2022
Two hours of entertainment
This show is pure any ways...
PASCAL, 15 Jul 2022
It was a very entertaining and enjoyable show, my feet were tapping to the music from the minute the show started, also it was so lovely to look around the theatre to see everyone enjoying themselves especially after covid, it felt like life was back to normal. Also the show was in a most beautiful theatre, I loved the paintings on the ceiling, I would really recommend this show for all ages
Christine, 08 Jul 2022
A must see for theatre show!! Absolutely love it!!
Absolutely love it!!! Excellent performance! Everything is good about it! My second time watching the show and I still enjoy every minute of it!! No negative comments.
Sok Hia, 08 Jul 2022
One night only
One night in London, what are you going to do? We chose Mamma Mia for our evening activity and we totally happy. Dinner, walk, ice cream and show. Excellent
Graham, 05 Jul 2022
Absolutely mind blowing show
Without doubt the best show I have ever seen, it was incredible from start to finish. I’m a big lad so the seat was a little cramped but nothing to spoil the show. I would have liked somewhere to put a drink, it was difficult to clap with one hand holding a G& T😂 But I have no doubt my wife and I will see show again. Well done to all cast, brilliant show.
Kim, 03 Jul 2022
A must see
Great show for all the family
Lynn, 30 Jun 2022
Mind blowing
I was sceptical about it, Mamma Mia it is not my thing, but after first 10minutes literally blow my mind. generally show was spectacular.
Emil, 26 Jun 2022
Great actors, singers and dancers
Margret, 26 Jun 2022
I watch the filmseveral times and the show both in New York and İstanbul. STİLL ENJOYEDEVERY MOMENT. THANKS
m nazli, 26 Jun 2022
Absolutely brilliant!
Amazing show, would highly recommend.
Lucy, 25 Jun 2022
electrified!!! show!!! we were excited!!! thank you
the was great!! i will recommend everyone to come and see this show
shai, 22 Jun 2022
Amazing show!!!
Great show. I onderful music that you will recognize. The cast was incredible! Highly recommend.
Brigitte, 20 Jun 2022
Happy couple
Very enjoyable thoroughly entertaining
Andrew, 19 Jun 2022
This is what a musical should be like, fast flowing with loads of songs, the singers were brilliant
PETER, 16 Jun 2022
Great show, great night out
Had a great fun filled night with my favourite Anna Hits to a great story line
Rajni, 13 Jun 2022
Great show
Great seats and fenomenal show
Davy, 11 Jun 2022
Last hurrah in London
Before goung home, we did one last show. The girls loved it! And that is all that mattered to me.
CARL, 11 Jun 2022
Great show
Brilliant show performed very well by a very youthful cast.
Tony, 09 Jun 2022
Must see this show! Absolutely brilliant singing from all, and mostly Donna, lovely full, deep, strong and melodic voice. We truly enjoyed it.voice
Must see this show! Absolutely brilliant singing from all, and mostly Donna, lovely full, deep, strong and melodic voice. We truly enjoyed it. Much better performance, funny comments, way more better then we expected. Thanks
Zuzana, 05 Jun 2022
Clever, funny, a little bit naughty, colourful, sparkling, liberating - for me, the best show ever. I have seen it a few times already, no doubt I will book again.
Marek, 04 Jun 2022
The show was such a vibe
Brilliant show lots of fun and the toilets were fancy!
Michaela, 04 Jun 2022
Mamma mia
Fabulous absolutely fantastic
Tina, 31 May 2022
Really good show worth every penny u would see it again if it comes round Southampton
Angela, 30 May 2022
The highlight of our London trip
We thoroughly enjoyed the Mamma Mia show. The singing was fantastic and it was fun and entertaining. Highly recommended.
Sarah, 26 May 2022
sehr sehenswert und eine großartige Gesangs- u. Tanzdarbietunt
Ausgesprochen hilfsbereites und engagierte Mitarbeiter!
Reinhilde, 24 May 2022
Mighty music and Mamma Mia
Fabulous show with very talented singers performing.The balcony seats do not leave you with much leg room.The staff came across a bit grumpy. It is very tempting to sing along but you are not allowed to.
Michelle, 22 May 2022
anyone must see
I thought the show was terrific , the lady playing Donna was fantastic not only with her singing but also with her acting when singing "The Winner takes it all"
brian, 22 May 2022
Helpful friendly staff, easy to access toilets and bar although lots of steps. Wonderful treat for teenage daughter and mum!
jane, 21 May 2022
Throughly enjoyed this show
Maureen, 20 May 2022
A not to be missed show, took my 6 year old granddaughter for her birthday, she loved every minute and fell in love with Sky. Absolutely fantastic !!!
Christina, 16 May 2022
Amazing!!!!! Must see by all
Really enjoyed it , can watch it all over again 👍👍👍👍👍👍excellent production, cast, you won't blink an eye for a second . Absolutely amazing!!!!
Althea, 15 May 2022
Simply superb
A great musical, with a fantastic cast.
Tyronne, 13 May 2022
An absolutely must see!!
We came to bring one of our kids. We left think it’s one of the best shows for any age we’ve ever seen. 5 Stars!!
Marlon, 12 May 2022
Super Trooper night out!!
Fantastic!! Even got the chance to belt out a few songs at the end!!
Ruth, 12 May 2022
Mamma mia, what a great show :-)
Colorful, funny and pro !
Silvana, 08 May 2022
Donna was amazing all the way through The dancing was exceptional The costumes were lovely Storyline was great
Milly, 07 May 2022
Uplifting gives you the feel good factor,
Great show ,Very colourful costumes,special effects &Music lovely Would be more than happy to revisit
Lynda, 06 May 2022
Stephen, 03 May 2022
Great Show
Great show amazing actors and a fabulous time had.
Angela, 02 May 2022
Fun, energetic, who doesn’t love ABBA?!
We loved every minute of this show! The seats (H17-18) were perfect, close enough to see the expressions on the cast’s faces without having to crane your neck up. The cast was wonderful, in both the singing and acting. The harmonies were beautiful and left us in such a good mood that we hummed happily through the rest of the day.
Loree, 01 May 2022
Best show ever
Most amazing performance I have ever seen.
Edina, 30 Apr 2022
So Much Fun!
Just see it you won’t regret it - a really great night out!
Sayla, 27 Apr 2022
Amazing and captivating
The musical was spell bounding. You get everything with this show laughter, sadness, joyful. It’s a show not to be missed.
Tracey, 24 Apr 2022
Clare, 20 Apr 2022
Great show pity about the seat
Staff fantastic disabled toilet great access.
David, 15 Apr 2022
You will be singing and dancing in the aisles
Fantastic show, has to be seen by all the family
Billy, 14 Apr 2022
What an amazing performance and lovely theater
Rebecca, 13 Apr 2022
Superbly Entertaining
Book lower seating if you have vertigo.
Mario, 10 Apr 2022
Fantastic show
I saw this show 18 years ago, and decided to take our mother who is an avid Abba fan for a Mother’s Day treat, she was in her element the show the actors the set and of course the music was absolutely amazing, I’d you haven’t seen Mamma Mia then I strongly suggest you do, it was awesome.
Jeanette, 08 Apr 2022
Nice exsperience
Dina, 07 Apr 2022
Absolutely enjoyable
Great show, the music, dancing and singing are fantastic. Absolutely recommend.
Santiago, 07 Apr 2022
Loved loved the show we travelled from Ireland to go to show and I cant wait to go back and bring my daughters to see it. Venue easy find it was just brilliant you leave so happy.
Joanna, 06 Apr 2022
The best show I’ve ever seen
Such an uplifting fun show, my daughter was mesmerised by the whole show. She loved the songs also.
Yvonne, 04 Apr 2022
Fantastic show, great pace, lots of humour, the songs were great & the acting was spot on
Jo, 03 Apr 2022
Uplifting and fun!
Fantastic show, great music and amazing vocals!
Diana, 02 Apr 2022
Great Night
It was fun
Marifel, 02 Apr 2022
Don't miss this show it was fantastic
david, 27 Mar 2022
So much fun
I liked the show very much, the best part was the end where we basically partied. The lead actress (Donna) is amazing! What a voice OMG 🤩
Otilia, 27 Mar 2022
The only downside was a large group of children who were probably too young & not well supervised - noisy & fidgety.
ANDY, 27 Mar 2022
Great talent!
Laura, 26 Mar 2022
Very entertaining and catchy songs
Very entertaining and songs that never get outdated.
Radha, 25 Mar 2022
Feel good factor
It was foot tapping from start to finish. A joyous night.
Anthony, 24 Mar 2022
Exceeded expectations - of course ABBA never disappoints…
All around a high quality production. Loved the atmosphere and entertainment. Case
Meredith, 21 Mar 2022
Great feel good evening out!
This was a present for my sister’s 50th birthday and she loved it and we all had a fun evening . It was a great way to spend a Friday evening at the end of a very busy week!
Karen, 19 Mar 2022
Best show I’ve seen! Seats brilliant atmosphere amazing and all actors were just brilliant! The song along at the end was like a concert! We loved it!
sam, 18 Mar 2022
Better than the reviews
I'm not sure how anyone could not enjoy this great performance. From people who lived through the 80's to the tik-tok generation, everyone will have a good time, enjoy the show and sing along to the music
Robert, 18 Mar 2022
Fun energetic show
You can't help but love this show. Great songs. Fun day out for all. Big bonus was the awesome Mazz Murphy playing Donna. Amazing voice!!! Watch out for winner takes it all!
teresa, 18 Mar 2022
Fabulous, can’t wait to see it again, the alternate Donna was amazing.
Debbie, 10 Mar 2022
Mamma Mia
Excellent good feel show
Diane, 10 Mar 2022
Must see, a real good fun time, awesome night out!!
Everything was incredible, was so fun and staff friendly and kind, actors were brilliant and engaging.
Nel, 08 Mar 2022
A total good feel show.
Energy, foot tapping, the best good feel shoe in town.
James, 08 Mar 2022
Amazing !!
Went for my granddaughters 16th birthday know she loved the movie we all had a fab time x
Caroline, 26 Feb 2022
What a brilliant show, loved it and the singing was outstanding, well worth a visit.
Tracy, 26 Feb 2022
Leading Lady playing Donna was outstanding,her Singing and acting was a stand outstanding. Also loved her side kicks they were very good. Dance numbers were well choreographed. A real feel good show. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me and my daughter.
Julie, 25 Feb 2022
Donna was amazing
It was a great show, everyone was good boy Donna was outstanding. A great evening out
Helen, 24 Feb 2022
Mamma mia
The show(what we saw), was excellent and the music was fantastic... very disappointed with the seating view.
Dean, 22 Feb 2022
Amazing show!!
Amazing show! Brilliant music, singing and dancing. So lively throughout with a comedy edge too - it made me laugh and cry! Fabulous singing from Mazz Murray as Donna and Emma Mullen as Sophie. Would not hesitate to go and watch it again it was brilliant!!
Clare, 21 Feb 2022
If you want to be entertained and get the feelgood factor back in your life, then this is the show for you. 2hrs of fun and laughter with a little pathos thrown in for good measure. Absolutely loved it!
Trevor, 18 Feb 2022