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Mamma Mia - Based on the songs of ABBA
A glorious evening of fun!
An irresistable enjoyable hit! Sheer heaven!
Infectious theatrical entertainment!

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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

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Saturday, 29 March 2025

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2hr 35min. Incl. interval

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Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! is one of the best feel-good musicals in town, loved by millions and a feast of smash hit ABBA tunes. It's written by the British playwright Catherine Johnson, who has cleverly woven ABBA's greatest hits into a quirky love story.

Abba's songs were composed by band members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, one of which is Mamma Mia itself, and everyone loves them. They're joyful, sophisticated, tuneful and compelling, providing brilliant backdrop for the plot. Super Trouper, Lay All Your Love on Me, Dancing Queen, Knowing Me, Knowing You and Take a Chance on Me are just some of them - the list goes on. And on. So far more than 50 million people have seen and loved the show. Imagine that: 50 million people leaving theatres across the world, all feeling uplifted and renewed. That's quite something.

What's the story? The scene is the gorgeous Greek island of Kalokairi, where twenty year old Sophie is preparing to marry her fiancé, Sky. She wants her dad to accompany her down the aisle but there's a problem - she's not entirely sure who he is. When Sophie discovers her mum Donna's old diary, full of entries about romances with three different men, she secretly invites all three to the wedding in her mum's name. You're going to love it!

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Young Couples:

La vue depuis le balcon n'est pas terrible, nous sommes gênés par les personnes devant nous. Mais show super, excellente ambiance, avec une entracte.
VALERIE, 19 Apr 2024
Karen, 19 Apr 2024
Appsalutly fantastic brilliant,mezmarizing a true gift
Laurence, 18 Apr 2024
Amazing show have to see.
Songs were amazing and Love it so much.
HsiuFang, 12 Apr 2024
Absolutely Amazing
Great show with great acting and music was fantastic.
Lee, 12 Apr 2024
Fantastic show with the actors having amazing singing vocals! Would recommend to anyone who enjoys theatre!
Sarah, 10 Apr 2024
It was brilliant
Sally, 17 Mar 2024
Possibly my new favourite
The music was obviously amazing,but the actors songs the songs so well and I cried multiple times, Donna was exceptional and really brought the music to life!! I loved the lighting and how they portrayed so many different emotional of the characters with the light! Overall it was an incredible experience!! I will definitely be booking to go back again very soon! I really loved it!
Hannah, 17 Mar 2024
Absolutely loved it !! Well done new Sky we watched the series ! Donna was outstanding too! Honestly all the cast were great . We loved it all the way from sunny Yorkshire
Lindsay, 17 Mar 2024
Wonderful feel good show
Fantastic show improved by wonderful customer service as we were moved to better seats to move us from a lady who was vaping all through the first half .thank you to front of House staff
Jose, 16 Mar 2024
must see
the play was very good
Rouhia, 13 Mar 2024
Completely amazing, absolutely mesmerising from start to finish. I just wanted to watch it again straight away
Nicola, 08 Mar 2024
Fantastic show
Andrea, 08 Mar 2024
There was a technical problem
Kari, 06 Mar 2024
A fabulous feel good show!
You really won’t be disappointed. This feel good show has a clever set, super acting and marvellous music!
Louise, 04 Mar 2024
Brilliant show!!
Christopher, 29 Feb 2024
3rd time I’ve seen mamma Mia,this one was the best of all stevie and Tobias were brilliant.
Susan, 23 Feb 2024
Best London Show
Absolutely fantastic!! A real feel good musical, the cast put their all into it. The music was great, the costumes were amazing & the actors were brilliant.
Jeanette, 23 Feb 2024
Full on fun
Thoroughly enjoyed performance. Laugher, enthusiasm, dancing and singing. Novello Theatre is old built in 1904 and retains character. It is small. It was full and lots of young foreign student group who really appreciated it. Not a lot of knee space in our seats row A of balcony but others seemed OK.
Pauline, 22 Feb 2024
Definitely go again!!
Great show suitable for everyone
Nicola, 22 Feb 2024
Blown away
Ian, 21 Feb 2024
Simply Fabulous
Very uplifting, good story acting and singing was fabulous.
Brian, 16 Feb 2024
Mama Mia
Mama Mia was a very enjoyable experience the music and cast was extremely entertaining Highly recommended to go and see
Steve, 15 Feb 2024
Made my day fuller
Loved watching my beautiful aunty having the time of her life xx
Claire, 11 Feb 2024
Brilliant show
An amazing show, great music, fantastic artists. Met maz after the show, she is world class x
Anthony, 11 Feb 2024
Brighten up a very wet day. Brilliant
Wonderful show. I thought it far excelled the movie. The story and emotional rollercoaster was great.
Michael, 10 Feb 2024
Brilliant show just wish Stevie still had her Scottish accenr
Brilliant show, Stevie and Tobias were fantastic, it was their first week and you would think they’d been doing it for ever. Would have liked Stevie to have been allowed to keep her Scottish accent, was disappointed that it was felt necessary to change it. All the cast were amazing, special shout out for Mazz as Donna, what a voice. Defy anyone not to feel good after watching it. Choreography superb and all the cast looked like they were one big happy family. Slightly spoiled by some girls in front of us singing along (badly) too loudly, all we could hear was them.
Yvonnr, 04 Feb 2024
Brilliant a must see.
Very colourful costumes. The acting was excellent and superb singing. Great to be able to join in at the end. More thought could have been given to the scenery, fairly basic. But could easily see it again.
CLIVE, 04 Feb 2024
Amazing, emotional fantastic show
Went with my granddaughter & sister to celebrate her 18th birthday & we throughly enjoyed it, best show in the west end we've seen!such a happy but in times emotional performance.. loved every moment..
Andy, 04 Feb 2024
What an uplifting and enjoyable show experience. Left singing and feeling invigorated!!
Debbie, 04 Feb 2024
Brilliant show!
Great cast, great performances. I could watch it all again today.
Cheryl, 02 Feb 2024
Best musical show ever
Fantastic and wow wow and wow!!!
Caryl, 31 Jan 2024
Always a great night
A fantastic show with the added bonus of ABBAs great music. This was the opening night for the new Sky and Sophie who were both excellent. Special mention to Mazz Murray who plays Donna, she is so talented absolutely brilliant.
David, 30 Jan 2024
Good old times
You will need to watch the film beforehand to understand the musical. All the actors were wonderful
Yolanda, 29 Jan 2024
A wonderful production suitable for all ages
We were a family party of 5, spanning 3 generations, and all thought the show amazing and well worth the trip down from Scotland. Sometimes a cast will hold back in matinees, knowing they have an evening performance to come, but there was no sign of that here. An excellent show from start to finish. Special mention to the band as they are usually missed in reviews. Having played in bands for many shows, I appreciate what they do and this one was outstanding.
Lois, 29 Jan 2024
amazing a most see !!!
every was amazing, I’m a huge fan of the theatre and I freaking love this movie so it was the perfect combination for me!!
Azul, 28 Jan 2024
Who doesn't love the music of ABBA? This was fu, colourful and lively. Fantastic performers. SO difficult not to sing along!
Garry, 27 Jan 2024
Mama mia a show that you couldn't miss
A vibrant musical exhibition
Rosangela, 25 Jan 2024
No words
Would go watch again the cast was really good the girl who played the daughter was amazing and mum was out of this world
William, 13 Jan 2024
Massively enjoyable
I would like to say a massive thank you to the 2 young ladies and the ticket office team who kindly re arranged my seat due to my medical circumstances on 11/1/24 The show was just excellent and felt a huge feeling of joy inside of me and I was able to use the bathroom during the performance without disturbing other guests. I felt very valued and respected by everyone who supported me. All the best to you all kind regards Sukaina Mehmet
Sukaina, 12 Jan 2024
Mamma Mia
Really good seats, really good music, just a shame you could not join in the singing till the end
Wayne, 04 Jan 2024
A definite must see for ABBA fans
Not seen the movies but grew up with ABBA songs so went to see out of interest. Great cast and songs sung perfectly so you could hear each word. Leading ladies were fantastic and ably supported by rest of the cast. Great show and hope you continue for many more years.
Paul, 01 Jan 2024
Joyous and fun!
The perfect lift at any time of the year. Powerful heartfelt singing from Donna in particular really stirred emotions and awe.
Kevin, 30 Dec 2023
Really good show , the singing was excellent It went to quickly, enjoyed every moment ??
James, 30 Dec 2023
It’s a feel good dance party!!
This show is my favorite and I’ve seen most of them! The set is simple but the music is catchy and fun and will make you want to stand up and dance! Also, the ushers are not as obnoxious about photos/videos as other shows, which can ruin the mood! Thank you ushers!!!
Tom, 28 Dec 2023
We thoroughly enjoyed this show. The set was so creatively done, and the acting, singing and dancing were all exceptional. Fun and vibrant. It is always fun to see a show that we have seen before in the movie and see the creative implementation. Cast seemed to have genuine fun performing.
Jo Ellen, 22 Dec 2023
A must see!
It made my night in London!!
Napat, 20 Dec 2023
A real Christmas treat!
My disabled daughter so enjoyed the story and the songs. She danced like the whole audience at the end of the show.
Ilona, 19 Dec 2023
Absolutely Amazing
Everything about the whole experience was amazing. Helpful staff on arrival at the theatre. Comfortable seating. Not sure what we was expecting but we were totally blown away. Mama Mia is top drawer, acting, singing, story line, all amazing. It’s funny, just brilliant, would definitely recommend..
Paula, 17 Dec 2023
Uplifting show
Great atmosphere. All present at full house were really enjoying themselves. Great to see all generations, young and old and all the different nationalities having such enjoyment !
Daphne, 15 Dec 2023
Wer Abba liebt muss es gesehen haben
Das beste Musical seit langem
Angelika, 14 Dec 2023
Knocked Our Socks Off!
What a wonderful way to spend an evening in London! From beginning to end, end, end Mamma Mia is worth every single pound! Sarah Poyzer has a spectacular vocal range and is so captivating. Nicky Swift (Rosie/Alternate Donna Sheridan), Sarah Earnshaw (Tanya), Richard Standing(Sam Carmichael), Neal Craig (Harry Bright), Phil Corbitt (Bill Austin), Jess Michelmore (Sophie Sheridan), Christopher Foley (Sky), are all triple threats: talented singers, dancers and actors. Do yourself a favor and go see MAMMA MIA!
Judith, 13 Dec 2023
Raymond, 07 Dec 2023
Fantastic show came out buzzing if you don't enjoy yourself watching it I feel something must be wrong with you
You will enjoy it you really will
James, 05 Dec 2023
Here we go again
Very professional show. Everyone was brilliant.
Danny, 03 Dec 2023
Absolutely fantastic
Best musical I have been to. Incredible singing and a plot that keeps you hooked. What an ending as well.
Adam, 01 Dec 2023
Fantastic show
We had such a great time and it was clear the actors did too, what a party and great acting and singing
Mette, 20 Nov 2023
Great family entertainment, brilliant performers and storyline, if you love Abba this is the one
Andrew, 18 Nov 2023
Amazing! You just can't miss Mamma Mia in London!
It was phenomenal! We're frequent Broadway show attendees, and this show today, was out of this world! Congratulations!
Ana, 16 Nov 2023
Amazing I really enjoyed it
Max was amazing, the whole cast were superb
D, 16 Nov 2023
The best musical of my life
The best musical I have ever seen! All the actors are amazing, captivating and just makes us want more. So touching and incredibly energetic. The show at the end is the best!!!
Francisco, 13 Nov 2023
Here we go again
The music, costumes and acting were outstanding. Thoroughly entertaining throughout.
Joy, 11 Nov 2023
A musical not to be missed
A wonderful show for all fans of musicals but especially if you love ABBA.
Mark, 10 Nov 2023
Fantastic. A bril show. Singers were terrific
Show for anyone. Singing and dancing fabulous
Rebecca, 09 Nov 2023
Excellent show
The show, the music and the performance were excellent
Manuel, 07 Nov 2023
Mamma Mia
Great music, ABBA of course. Good modern story line. Very relatable to most especially to women of a certain age. Loved the grand Finale were we all got to singalong & dance. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Alba, 07 Nov 2023
Jay's Theatre Woodland
My American Lady is on a visit to the UK and our top of the list theatre production was to see Mama Mia. The show dis not disapoint. Thrilling,vibrant and brilliant throughou. I will return in the summer for an encore.
Stefan, 02 Nov 2023
Amazing!!!! You can miss this musical!!!!
LAURA, 26 Oct 2023
Fantastic must see
Lisbeth, 21 Oct 2023
The music was wonderful.
We really enjoyed the show. We sat in 2nd row of balcony and one of my sisters had some extreme anxiety with the fears she had. The other 3 of us did very well. If you have height issues then you may want to rethink balcony seats.
Debra, 19 Oct 2023
Great time had by all
Great show, beautiful theatre.
Annette, 15 Oct 2023
A must see!
An amazing show, sharing all the original musics! The band was so dynamic and has been able to communicate their positivity and energy to the audience! The only thing you want to do is singing and dancing with them! I recommend this show 100%!
Lorène, 10 Oct 2023
a must to see
Changsik, 09 Oct 2023
Happy light hearted
This was a birthday gift for my 16 year old granddaughter. It was never on my list of must see shows. My granddaughter absolutely loved the movie so obvious choice for her. So glad I got to see this as well. The cast are amazing, the music took me back to my childhood. The sing along at the end just top of a perfect birthday celebration. My granddaughter is looking forward to this going tour so she can go again. She loved it that much.
jacqui, 08 Oct 2023
A must see as so uplifting
Amazing show - the best I've seen so far. Fantastic voices
Kerry, 02 Oct 2023
Absolutely amazing
OMG what an experience, just amazing !!!
Nikki, 25 Sep 2023
Lovely story, very funny! Would recommend to anyone.
Marcella, 24 Sep 2023
A definite treasure
I've tried to see this show for many years. It was well worth the wait.
Tricia, 24 Sep 2023
Very happy light , leave with smile
Emad, 16 Sep 2023
A brilliantly casted show that knocks it out the park.. We loved every cheesy, foot-tapping moment!
James, 10 Sep 2023
Wonderful show !!!
Loved Mazz Murray. Her voice reminds me of Celine Dion.
Abigail, 02 Sep 2023
A fantastic show for all the family
The show was amazing, fantastic singing and and great acting. Finally was fabulous! A must see.
Bethan, 30 Aug 2023
Great night out!
The show was not a surprise: the songs are known, the storyline is know. The stage is straightforward. But what a thrill it is to see it happen live, in this beautiful venue. Singing was great (especially if you consider it has to be done while dancing, being lifted and what not), musical arrangements added some extra spice to some songs. Softly humming along during the show and then bursting out in song during the finale. What a great night out!
Jeroen, 30 Aug 2023
V happy n I love it
Full of glamour
Mei Bo, 20 Aug 2023
Simply Fantastic
Just quality from start to finish & I was not keen to go just shows you should try everything loved it.
William, 17 Aug 2023
An excellent musical !!!❤️
Loved every minute! Outstanding cast, musicians ,staff and beautiful theatre ❤️❤️❤️
Lynn, 17 Aug 2023
The show amazed my 9 year old daughter who said it was the best thing she has ever done. Great music costumes and acting
Daryl, 15 Aug 2023
Can’t be missed
Excellent show. Singers and dancers are wonderful.
Kwokyan, 12 Aug 2023
One of the best shows ever
Me and my mum loved this show so much that we would go back any time to see it again. Amazing singing and dancing. It really made our day. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. We loved it!
Timea, 11 Aug 2023
Very good
Very good wife 50th birthday treat
ANDREW, 06 Aug 2023
An upbeat joyful event, never fails to deliver !
This is my third time to see the show. Its wonderful music, with a lighthearted joyful storyline. great cast and very upbeat. Seats are extremely cramped G10/11 dress circle, but this the nature of some of the theatres. I would recommend for all, but suggest age 8+. We had a row of 5 children behind us who were younger, and had been given plastic bags full of sweets that they rummaged in throughout and chatted. Still lived the show but it was a bit distracting.
Debbie, 03 Aug 2023
Wonderful show - the whole family loved it!
Great seats at dress cirkle, also our youngest (9 yrs old) got a great view. Just amazing, tears falling down my cheeks at the end. It made me so happy! Fantastic artists, costumes and story.
Karin, 31 Jul 2023
A funny Summer Musical for all ABBA Fans
Great songs, super actors, amazing voices, funny scenes. Can only recommend. Novello theatre is very squishy though and the toilets facilities are awful for this amount of people.
Denise, 28 Jul 2023
Mamma Mia
Great show
Juana, 20 Jul 2023
A fabulous 10/10
This was a birthday treat for my daughter who turned 16 she absolutely loves ABBA music and the Mama Mia film. So this was a must be seen one, we both absolutely loved it, the singing the acting everything from sound to lighting brilliant brilliant brilliant. I would definitely see this again.
Caroline, 17 Jul 2023
Great show. Mind your seats location
The show was great. Loved the music and the actors. Highly recommend.
Assy, 15 Jul 2023
Great show
It’s really impressive !
Ka Pui, 12 Jul 2023
Must see!
Amazing performance and singing. All the ABBA songs are sung so well, I was tapping my feet with the music throughout. A must see for music lovers!
Christine, 09 Jul 2023
Must see!
A really feel good show. Excellent cast, exceptional singer’s thoroughly enjoyable.
Vivian, 08 Jul 2023
Absolutely brilliant couldn’t stop laughing casting was brilliant and the actors really brought it to light
Isla, 07 Jul 2023